Dried Fruit

Montagu has a proud history of exporting “stone fruit” both in the fresh form as well as the dried form.

Capedry Farmstall, Wine Boutique And Bistro (102 Bath Street, Montagu)

A great range of locally produced dried fruit products with specialization in Cape Peeled Peaches are sold at factory shop prices. They sell a wide selection of local products from the Montagu area at affordable prices.

Locarno (13 Du Toit Street, Montagu)

Locarno offer a full product range that consists of a vast selection of dried fruit, nuts, fruit sweets and much more, all of the highest quality. Their products are stocked all year round and they always try to live up to their motto that “dried fruit is our life @ Locarno”.

Montagu Dried Fruit And Nuts (1 Long Street, Montagu)

Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts is one of South Africa's foremost dried fruit, nuts and seeds suppliers. The national brand recently opened their very own Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts Factory shop at the Kloof Padstal in Long Street, Montagu.

Their range has something for everyone; dried fruit rolls, nuts and seeds bars, dried fruit and nut mixes, snack packs, unique Montagu dried fruit and nuts mixes and much more.