Montagu Museum Complex

The three beautiful historical buildings namely Joubert House, Old Mission Church and the KWV Building Complex, make up what is known as “The Montagu Museum”.


Joubert House (25 Long Street, Montagu)

Built in 1853, Joubert House is thought to be the oldest dwelling in Montagu. As a house museum, Joubert House portrays the typical country lifestyle of the 1850's. Of special interest is a small side room which houses a comprehensive collection of toys from bygone days. Pride of place belongs to a unique collection of individually numbered handmade porcelain dolls.

Over the past 22 years the museum has been researching and recording the rich oral history and traditional uses of medicinal plants, in the Montagu district, passed down by the Khoikhoi, San and settler farmers from Europe. The garden, which was established behind Joubert House, contains most of the more than 120 plants that have been researched and published in “Herbal Remedies of Montagu Museum”

Mission Church (Long Street, Montagu)

A collection of pulpit Bibles and church artefacts, including old wedding dresses, form the focal point of the church with its original pulpit and pulpit cloth. Frequently changing, temporary exhibitions form a showcase for the large and diverse museum collection.

Kwv Art Gallery (cnr Kohler and Long Streets, Montagu)

The KWV buildings on the corner of Long and Kohler Streets are fine examples of historical, industrial architecture in a rural area.